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Look, it’s been an exciting day for you. Saosin just announced reunion plans with former frontman Anthony Green, and it probably still feels too good to be true. PropertyOfZack was pretty excited when we heard the news too, so we thought it’d be a great idea to have an interview with Chris Sorenson from the band ready to go to answer all your questions on the reunion.

We spoke with Chris about how long this has been in the works (a really long time), trying out and falling out with Tilian Pearson, the pride Saosin has, and the unlikeliness of new music. Read the full interview below!

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Saosin is back-ish. The band will be announcing a brief reunion with Anthony Green on Monday. I started hearing rumors about this in May of 2013. It’s been in the air for a while.  When did talks start?
Talks actually started in September of 2010 right after we had made the transition from Cove on vocals. That was kind of a long time coming as well. The situation we got into where we decided whether to continue on the path that we were on with Cove singing and seeing if it would work out or not. We launched all confidence in our talent, if you will. We just didn’t feel like we were the band we wanted to be, especially live. We had just gotten off Capitol, tours weren’t going too well, and we got our record back. It was the best time to figure out what wasn’t going to work out. We kicked Cove out and we were just figuring out what we were going to do. 

I had started a full time job at a merchandise company. We had looked into other career paths. All of us and Anthony have been friends since like a few weeks after he quit in 2004. We’ve kept contact. So I went up to a Circa show in 2010 when they were playing with Coheed. Anthony texted me, and it was at a time when he was going through a lot of stuff. His first child, struggling with some of his vices, and other things. I went up there to support him a bit. I showed up and hung out for a while and shot the shit. As I was walking out, I told him we had kicked Cove out and why. He was like, “Why don’t I sing on some songs?” Okay, cool. 

We didn’t necessarily take it all too seriously. Circa had a new record out and Anthony was having kids on top of his solo stuff. We were entraining the idea in the back of our minds that this could be possible. Over the next year into 2011, we met with Tilian from Tides Of Man. He is super talented. He is a really, really good singer. Really eager to do different things. Really pushes his limits as a vocalist. We really considered the possibility of working with him. It just so happened that there was a little bit of a generational difference between us and him. We come from a different era, especially as far as internet stuff is concerned. We grew up without it and grew into it. We didn’t take things as seriously. It can be a powerful tool, but also a complete and utter distraction and waste of time. Especially when self-critiquing yourself. 

Needless to say, we got ourselves into a situation with him where we were stoked on some of the music, but we knew that we were at a point where if we did that it would be the absolute end of Saosin. We knew it wouldn’t go that far. Maybe we’d get a year of some soft touring. 

The band had waited long enough where your mindset became, “If we’ve been waiting, we might as well wait until it’s right.”
Exactly. That’s a perfect way to put it. All the while, we were still talking to Anthony off and on, but not as seriously. It wasn’t a, “Hey, I’ll rejoin the band” type thing. It was, “Why don’t I just sing on a couple of songs.” One of the Tilian songs got leaked somehow. We got hit up by Anthony because he thought we were going to do some stuff. We were all like, “Well, we weren’t planning on working with Tilian, but it just happened.” So, needless to say, we kind of split things off with Tilian, but we didn’t do it in a good way. The relationship kind of dissolved more passively than we hoped. We didn’t explain anything to him, we just waited until it fizzled out.

It was public knowledge that the band was working with Tilian, but then it became assumed on the internet that things had died out once he began working with Emarosa and Dance Gavin Dance. What came next?
When we decided not to work with Tilian, we kind of focussed more on what we were doing career wise. The toughest thing is letting go of the possibility of still trying to do the band. At no point have we ever wanted to dissolve or stop doing it. But when we were doing it truly for a given period of time from 2003 to 2009, none of us did anything else aside from Beau doing a few records. We were pretty dedicated to the cause even though we didn’t turn out as much music as we should. All of our lives were in Saosin. To get ourselves out of that mindset was tough. We decided one day to start focussing on those paths. If something happened in the band, we’d pursue it, but not on the full time scale. 

I went pretty heavy into the merch, photography, and videography worlds. Beau built his own studio and starting tracking more bands. Justin is doing guitar lessons and stuff; he’s always been a wiz there. That’s kind of what we’ve been doing. We always kept in contact and never lost our identity as Saosin. 

We’d send riffs back and forth too. In the middle of 2012, Anthony hit us up again about getting the band back together. We wanted to do it, but told him that we didn’t have the desire to do a full cycle or tour nine months out of the year. We wanted to keep it simple and special, just like we did when it started. We had tracks that we liked for him to put vocals on. We started that process and got down to about fourteen full tracks without him on vocals. We were keeping fans updated on Facebook to let them know we were doing stuff.

Towards the end of 2012, that’s when we had demos without vocals. I think the reality for Anthony and ourselves set in that it just wasn’t possible for him to fit another band into his schedule. A lot of things were weighing on him as well as far as expectations went in terms of creativity. Especially in regards to topping anything he accomplished in Saosin before. He didn’t want to taint a legacy that we had, not to sound full of ourselves.

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